What WebLyrical Does

Simply put, WebLyrical offers contact centres the opportunity to maximise call efficiency, improve the customer experience and increase sales conversion. Imagine and realise the potential of knowing exactly what your customer is looking at on your website as they call you. It integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM and CTI, reduces average call handling time and adds value at every step of the customer journey.

Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS) is a revolutionary technology that uses a simple phone call to create a synchronised engagement in real time between you and your customers. WVS converts a static website into a platform for collaboration between the consumer and the business representative. 

WebLyrical enables queue prioritisation based on potential call value and to automate skills based routing to best fulfil your customer's needs such as high value or product specific requests. By connecting the visitor’s browser to the call, and seeing their browsing history, your organisation is able to gain a deeper understanding of what factors led the visitor to the site. Integrating the contact centre with your digital marketing also provides detailed keyword analysis allowing marketers to prioritise their activity and budgets based on metrics tied to revenue and return on investment.

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WebLyrical can be used within a number of industry sectors.  Any scenario where knowing your customers' browsing experience of your website benefits your business will mean that web voice synchronisation results in a quicker or more profitable call.
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